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Dr. Carl Matthews

Consulting and Marketing Mentor

Dr. Carl Matthews, a proud graduate of Jack Yates High School, is the driving force behind 500Fortune. As a minister and CEO, Dr. Matthews brings a wealth of experience and passion to his work. He is the author of “The Real Power Behind Social Media Marketing,” a life coach, consultant, real estate investor, and expert in business planning and marketing strategies.

Dr. Matthews is dedicated to enriching his community by providing knowledge and resources that help troubled youth and their parents broaden their horizons and lead productive lives. He aims to build legacies that will benefit future generations.

Dr. Matthews’ journey into entrepreneurship began early, with ventures such as creating a dry-cleaning service in high school and later running a successful tourist and logistics services business by the age of 23. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to create marketing advertisements for local businesses, earning his first $30,000 in sales without realizing he was laying the foundation for his future in business.

Adapting to new technologies and the evolving business landscape.

Adapting to new technologies and the evolving business landscape, Dr. Matthews has won several awards for team leadership in regional and national sales. His dedication and hard work have resulted in significant financial success, enabling him to offer mortgage banking and financing services to local businesses and empower others to achieve their own success.

At 500Fortune, we are committed to providing the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s business world. Join us as we continue to build and support a community of successful entrepreneur.

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