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What We Do

In a world of automated marketing, we specialize in connecting businesses, entrepreneurs, and consumers through devising strategies that deepen connections, expand influence, and scale success.

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Our Mission

Accelerating Your Business to Success

Welcome 2024

Welcome to 500 Fortune, the new marketing guide for 2024. Our mission is to provide businesses with innovative and effective marketing solutions to help them achieve their goals. We understand that the digital landscape is always evolving, which is why we strive to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies. We are dedicated to guiding our clients with the necessary tools and strategies to succeed in an ever-changing market.

The Vision

“Plan centered around marketing, innovation, business, teamwork, support and strategic alignment in a common goal for success” “Innovative design of networking tailored to promote like-minded ambitious forward-thinking entrepreneurs with a common goal of endless opportunities” “To help people and businesses effectively fulfill their goals and potential through authentic connections and relationships”


Empowering Growth

We are committed to helping others earn more, so they can do more step-by-step. People will learn how to grow their business through systems and automation: this will help your business earn more money and enjoy life along the way


Professionals We Cover

Get ready to transform your business and attract more customers with the help of 500 Fortune. We specialize in marketing for professionals like you in the areas listed below, and we have the innovative strategies and tools you need to succeed. Contact us today to see how we can assist you in reaching your business goals.
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If you are a professional with exceptional skills and a desire to share your knowledge with others, we invite you to join our team of affiliates at 500 Fortune. We believe that our diverse team of experts is what sets us apart and we are always looking to add talented individuals to our group.

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Business Growth

Business Labor Statistics


Though the odds are better than the commonly held belief, many businesses are still closing down every year in the United States. According to the BLS, entrepreneurs started 843,320 new businesses in the year ending March 2021.


From the historical data, we can expect approximately 168,664 of these businesses to fail within the first two years. With the right planning, funding, and flexibility, businesses can succeed better. We’ll go through some of the biggest mistakes that start-ups can make and figure out how to improve your chances of success

Accelerating Businesses to Success

Office Coffee Break

We take your
to the next level

Office Coffee Break

Office Collaborating We help take your business to the next level.

500 Fortune Business Marketing & Consulting - offers businesses structure, infrastructure, branding, & social media marketing.

Branding: Develop a strong brand identity, including name, and logo that will appeal to your audience.

Marketing: Direct you with a strategy that will help implement a marketing plan.

Logos: Assist you with a logo that speaks to your business.